Hadrian’s Wall 1,900th Anniversary

Hadrian’s Wall 1,900th Anniversary

Events for a year-long festival to mark the 1,900th anniversary of the building of Hadrian’s Wall have been unveiled.

The 73-mile (118km) wall from Tyneside to the Solway Firth, the northern boundary of the Roman empire, was constructed between AD122 and AD130.

A festival will run from 24 January 2022, Emperor Hadrian’s birthday, until 23 December, which was the ancient Roman holiday of Saturnalia.

Walks, exhibitions, re-enactments and talks will be part of the celebrations.

More than 150 events, including a Roman-themed city of light and travelling Saturnalia celebrations, are just some of the things that will await visitors over the next year, with more to be added in the coming months.